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Tips for your Newborn Session

Please be prepared for a possible lengthy session & some newborns sessions can run up to 2 hours, we work on baby time with diaper changes, feedings, rocking the baby, etc. 


  • Before your session, you will want to feed baby right before your drive to the studio.  That way, baby will sleep well on the way and hopefully keep asleep during the session.  We want baby to be sleepy so that I can get them formed into adorable poses, somewhat like they were in your belly. Try to keep baby awake as much as possible during the day prior to feeding them before the ride here. 
  • Keep a small towel handy for any burps and the inevitable tears. Dress your baby in loose fitting clothing for the ride to the studio. If possible, loosen the diaper and remove socks 15-20 minutes before the session. Doing all of this helps reduce or eliminate red marks on the baby's body. A touch of Vaseline should also be on hand to moisten dry lips. Be sure to bring a bib or two and a few changes of clothes with you to your session just in case your little one gets messy. 
  • If your infant has a significant amount of hair, a moist towel can be used to smooth the hair into place. If you wish to decorate their hair, use tiny clips or elastic headband. Bring it with but don't place it on their head until the photo shoot begins or during, or else the elastic leaves a mark on baby's head. 
  • Be sure to pick clothes for the session that fit your baby without sagging around the diaper or squeezing the baby too snug around the neck or tummy. Dressing the baby in plain one-piece or a diaper cover are the best options. For sessions at any age it is recommended to keep clothing simple. Avoid patterns and logos. Neutral, solid colours work best for keeping all the attention on your child and not the clothing. 
  • Newborns should ideally be photographed in very little or no clothing as this is the most natural. Newborns are sensitive to temperature so a nice warm room temperature is taken into consideration and planned in advance for the comfort of your little baby. Please bring or have available diapers, wipes, and receiving blankets to be prepared for any little "accidents" that your newborn may have. 
  • Please allow up to 2 hours for newborn sessions. This will allow for feedings, breaks, and sleeping. All the little details of newborn life can be documented if you wish and can include feeding, sleeping, and cuddling along with classic newborn posing. 
  • The session will include parents as well, so be sure to wear or bring neutral clothing such as black, white or off white. Black clothing works well for black backdrops (although not necessary) and white and other neutral colours look best for styling against a lighter background. Avoid wearing patterns, prints, stripes and clothing bearing logos. Fine stripes and checks can cause distortion to digital photographs. Dark pants or jeans with dark shoes give texture and visually anchor a portrait. When choosing colour schemes, consider not only what looks best on your family, but also what colours will look best in wall portraits and complement your home's d├ęcor. Mom may also wish to bring a boob tube top if she would like a bare shoulder/baby look. 
  • Minor props can add some interest to your infant's first portraits. If you have a favourite blanket or something you would like included in a photo, please feel free to bring it.

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