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Pregnancy is a really special time in any woman’s life… and capturing this special time with professional photos is something you will cherish forever. 

Make a big thing of your photo shoot; get your hair and nails done just because you can.  Chances are once the newborn arrives you will not be having too much time for yourself.  So use this time to pamper yourself a little. 

Keep in mind that these portraits are going to be pregnancy portraits so you should bring some items with you, for example: your favorite baby item, like a cute pair of booties, your scan photographs…anything you love!! These are very cute props, which can be added into the photo shoot. I do have some baby items if you do not have your own items or if you merely forgot them. 

What to wear to my shoot? 

Wear anything you feel comfortable in and LOVE. 

  • A dark maternity skirt and black cardigan sweater and tank top — something to cover the breasts but still expose the belly.
  • Jeans and a white or black tank top or v-neck T-shirt
  • Avoid patterns and stripes unless you love them and it is a must. There is no limit placed on outfit changes, for these sessions however I would suggest having three or four options ready, if not more. 

What should my husband and /or children wear?

  • Jeans work really well as you can dress them up or down.
  • I encourage plain white shirts or no shirts at all.
  • Bare feet always look perfect.
  • If in doubt, bring several outfits and I will help you choose what will work best. 
  • This is an opportunity to dress your children to look as cute and beautiful as they can, or you are welcome to choose a simple casual look.  Some people like to take the opportunity to do both. 
  • Try to avoid patterns/logos & stripes or bright colours - so your clothes don’t attract more attention than your faces and your photos don’t date over time.
  • Hats, necklaces, ponchos and accessories can look fantastic in photos so please feel free to bring these along with you.

How should I prepare for my shoot? 

  • Your hands will be a focus of the photo shoot so make sure you give yourself a manicure or pay for a professional manicure. Don’t forget your toes in preparing for this special day. Some items to remember to bring are brushes or combs as well as changes of clothes. Lip moisturizer will be a great addition to your face during the photo shoot.
  • Always wear make-up to even out skin tones and to help you to look your best.  Wear it as you usually would, and maybe add a bit more.  It really makes photos look fabulous!!! If you are typically not a make-up wearer, please consider using an overall base make up, powder, blush and mascara.
  • On the day of our shoot, mothers should consider not wearing a bra at least 2 hours prior to the shoot to prevent marks from the bra straps for photographs that will show the arms and neck areas.  Strap marks are unsightly in photographs.

If you have any questions at all, feel free to call me or email me and I will be happy to help you in any way that I can.


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