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Tips for your Baby's Photo Session

 The Toddler & Young Children portrait sessions are all about capturing the kid in your kids. When I photograph children in studio or on location, I get to play and be a child myself "to some degree". I'll find ways to make the children laugh; 

 I'll joke around, whatever it takes to make the photo shoot fun. Because, when they are comfortable and having fun, I get to capture their real personalities. 


Tough age, as you may know. Take your vitamins on the morning of the photo-shoot and prepare to work with me, hehehehe. Some parents leave sweating, but happy.

Basically the same as above. Bring: snacks, drinks, extra clothes, special toy, sneakers (for you) to chase them around, hehehehe. 


Fun Fun!!! Some cooperate, some don't... Again, only you know your child. We'll see how they do with the props and go from there. I have A LOT of patience and will work with your child and I will capture some awesome precious moments you can cherish forever! 


Depending on your child, we could have fun all day long... If he/she permits, usually at this age, they are cooperative and willing to go with the flow.


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