I look forward to talking with you personally, so give me a call at
  083 452 4758  

Outdoor / Location Photoshoot Information

Photo Session at the location of your choice: the park, the beach, inside of your home, in your yard, any place that means something to you. 

"What To Wear"

Clothing is your choice, but I recommend that you keep is simple. Solid colors photograph the best. Stay away from any type of

logos or distracting designs which will take away from the portrait. If doing a family shoot or a portrait with more than one person, try and coordinate the colors of the clothing. 

"How Long do I spend with You"

That depends... If there are small children involved, I will try and photograph them naturally as they play in their own little world.

This will sometimes take longer depending on the child. Plan on 1 - 2 hours for a session. 

"Time of Day"

If you are wanting outdoor portraits, the lighting is best 2 hours before sunset.
You will NEVER feel rushed, I will spend whatever time needed with you and your family to capture those precious moments.

I am a low-volume, high-quality studio, so there's no need to feel like the clock is ticking. Feel free to bring a change of clothes.

We will take breaks if needed and also . . . expect to have lots of fun!  



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