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Newborn Photoshoot Information

The Newborn portrait sessions are all about creating a beautiful record of the incredible and memorable times of your life. 

The newborn sessions are done within the first 10 days of life.  I do the sessions during this stage for several of reasons.  For one, they are still nice and curled up as they were in the womb, so they are very "pose-able".  Also, at around 2 weeks, they have a growth spurt, which could cause them to be a bit cranky.  At this stage baby acne can flare up as well.  They also don't sleep quite as much, so it is a bit harder to get those nice newborn poses. 

The sessions are intimate and fun. They are more than just newborn photographs, they are incredible portraits of a special moment in time, the only time when your baby will ever be this tiny, this vast, this unknown (and yes, this exhausting!)

The studio is heated to make the setting as comfortable as possible for your precious baby. I plan for both the expected and the unexpected and go with the flow. My goal is to make you and baby as comfortable as possible.


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